Male | 1 year old | Siberian Husky


Well here is another happy ending for our Stunning Boy ARROW ... found running on the streets with no one looking for him - Arrow came into our care. What a super great boy and what a pleasure it was to have him with us .... The day came when he was spotted at our facility by his now new owner Ernest --- and that was it - love both ways <3 <3 Go well sweet ARROW you now have your furever home - so richly deserved. Thank you to Ernest & his family for making ARROW part of their family now ... <3 <3 Be safe - Be happy - ARROW you are missed & still loved by all of us here at Nordic .....

Arrow is a regular red-head, all fiery spirit and spunk. He loves playing king-of-the-hill on top of his dog-house and enjoys a good run more than most. Arrow is a free-spirit that needs a firm owner and a secure home. He has a penchant for exploration and when given a gap he is off to see the world. Arrow is as loving as he is adventurous. This boy will hug you and snuggle you and make you his own, for ever and ever. He's talkative and enjoys a good pow-wow with a responsive human. (Don't worry, if you don't speak husky, he's not too bothered) He is a gorgeous, big guy that absolutely loves to pose (mostly with the 'off over the horizon' look) and would make the perfect adventure book cover. Arrow would do well with an active family, he has enormous amounts of stored energy he would like to get out into the open and I can promise he will be the cheapest, cuddliest and most awesome personal gym you will ever need.  So give him a chance, he really needs his own 'gym buddy'