Female | 5-6 years old | Siberian Husky

Other dogs - Yes | Cats - No | Livestock - No | Kids - Yes

Ciska adores children and is very protective over them, a real 'mother hen' or 'mother husky' if you will. This sweet girl is playful and a real 'dolphin' with fur, she loves the water and will doggy paddle until the sun goes down. Ciska loves the humans, she doles out affection and snuggles and will wait patiently for the humans to wake up in the morning. (She might give some vocal encouragement.) She aims to please and will sit like a good girl for treats. (But who doesn't love treats?) Ciska is a curious girl and is not above peeping in the windows to see all that is happening. She has a strong spirit and would brighten the lives of any family that decides to give her a chance. Tons of love, cuteness, brains and an adoration for children... what more can anyone ask for? All she's asking for is a family of her very own.