Our Tail

The Origin Story

Once upon a time…

There were 2 huskies, huskies almost the same as any another. These huskies were running, lost, desperate and all alone, except for one another. Their names?

Sam & Sammi
  “Dedicated to Sam & Sammi”

Sam and Sammi were never reclaimed by their owners.

Their case did however bring about the birth of Huskies lost/found and Homeless where the aim was to help those who are lost. Those who are found. Assist those who need homes and offer comfort to those that have been abandoned.

We were a small group of like-minded networkers who took our passion for the Husky breed and its welfare to new heights. We went beyond our forum for lost and found huskies and husky cross-breeds and networked dogs country-wide. Due to huskies being escape artists and ‘runners’ and their ability to cover long distances in short hours Huskies lost/found and Homeless focused on trying to simplify the process of matching and reuniting dogs with their owners despite the fact that huskies have been know to turn up as much as 70 km away from home. We extended our searches and ourselves…

We put in our all and become something much more than just a network…

Huskies lost/found and Homeless became the roots from where Nordic Rescue SA grew.

Despite the fact that we were dedicating most of our efforts to reunite lost and found huskies, it became very clear that there was a greater need – the need to help the abandoned, the abused, and the neglected Siberian Huskies and other, similar breeds, who were and still are, very misunderstood.


“It doesn’t matter to us if the dog is pure-bred Siberian husky. They can be cross-breeds, hybrids, Nordic-breeds or even honorary huskies. We take pride in the fact that we are a Pro-Life rescue. Our rescues will always have a second chance. They will always have the opportunity to be re-homed. No-matter what it takes, we will make sure they are loved again.”

Nordic Rescue relies on Foster Care and Kenneling for our rescues. Our kennels are a safe haven for the dogs that have nowhere to go and no place to call home. Our Volunteers are the temporary family for the dogs and share precious moments with our rescues. They give them attention, treats and go for runs while the dogs, in return give them all the love and exercise they can handle.

“Our passion is the breed.

Our dedication is to help those who cannot help themselves.

Our aim is to give them a second chance at life; a second chance at being part of the family they deserve.

We are, their only hope. “



We have grown. We have changed. Our focus remains the same.